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Please note that I am publishing pages that relate to each neighborhood every few days. If need information for a specific area, please contact me and I'll link that page sooner. 

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Neighborhoods in San Antonio Page Information

This “neighborhoods in San Antonio” page is designed to be a start for you to get oriented with each area and look at homes and the map of each area.

How the Neighborhood Page is Set Up

Neighborhoods in San Antonio noted on this page include Northwest San Antonio, Outside 1604 Northwest (outer northwest San Antonio), North Central, Inner West, Stone Oak, Boerne, Far West, Far North Central, Northeast, Midtown, Uptown, Downtown, Southtown, Eastside and Southside. Although I tried to set up areas that were close to each other, it’s not exactly like this.

My Story in Moving to San Antonio

Moving to San Antonio is stressful indeed. I used to live here and yet when I came back, San Antonio had changed a lot. Visiting San Antonio was the first step to see if I wanted to move back. Finding neighborhoods in San Antonio and getting to know the area was difficult. It was a whirlwind trip. In fact, my first home fell through because of various circumstances and it was a GREAT thing. So, I rented an apartment online. Unfortunately, my furniture and boxes didn’t get here for 32 days. And I didn't know a lot of people here. Moving is HARD.

After I decided to indeed move here, I still had to pack, plan the move, say goodbye to my friends and to Colorado, change everything. It’s a lot of work even if you hire companies to move you. And if you have kids, I can’t even imagine how much more stress you may have.

Why I Created the Neighborhoods Page

I created this page in the hopes that you could learn about each area and view homes at your leisure. It’s by no means exhaustive as far as information and I am glad to send you a welcome kit with so much info that you’ll be super busy learning and reading. Let’s talk so I can learn about you and send you specifically what will be helpful for you. And I can certainly set up more specific searches on homes for sale based on your criteria. Just contact me