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Midtown San Antonio has a lot of activity going on and places to discover. Go to The Pearl for the Farmer’s Market, or discover Brackenridge Park, the Japanese Tea Garden and The DoSeum, a museum for children. San Antonio College, the largest single-campus community college in Texas, is also in this area. And just south of here is the San Antonio Museum of Art. 

Two of my very favorite restaurants are in Midtown. The first one is Five Points Local and you'll never know the food is gluten free (I promise). Want to wash your clothes and do your laundry while eating the best burger in town (my opinion)? Try The Cove. I dream of their french fries and all their food is locally sourced. And of course, you'll have your choices of local restaurants at The Pearl. And while you're at it, don't forget to tour the historic hotel built around the old Pearl Brewery, Hotel Emma, and eat at the reasonably-priced restaurant Supper

Price of Homes

The price of homes varied from $799,900 to $2,500,000 in May 2020.

Search and Boundaries

It's hard to describe the boundaries for what I set up for Midtown, so just look at the map below for homes for sale, please. It's not the best screen shot but hopefully you'll get an idea. It is centrally located and is north of downtown San Antonio, bordered by 10 to the west and  goes a bit across 281 to the east and about halfway towards 410. 

Do a search on my website and all the homes on the map will come up. You can get specific with your criteria. You can even save your searches. Or come back and look again later. You don't even have to sign up (isn't that nice, hee hee?). 

Neighborhood News

What’s going in the San Antonio in real estate? Receive news on what has sold, is on the market and trends in any zip code of your choice.


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