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As a JB Goodwin San Antonio REALTOR, Here’s What I'm About

Moving to & Living in San Antonio

Please look below if you’re already living in San Antonio

Moving to San Antonio

As a JB Goodwin San Antonio REALTOR, I work with people that are moving here to purchase or lease a home. You see, that’s what I did and I can so relate. I moved here after living in Colorado forever. Here are some questions you may have.

    • How far will I be from work?
    • What’s the cost of living?
    • Can I buy a home for what I’ve seen online?
    • What will I be able to afford?
    • Is San Antonio affordable?
    • What are the property taxes in the different areas?
    • What are the areas like?
    • What is there to do in San Antonio?
    • What are the restaurants like?
    • What’s the weather really like?
    • Do I have access to nature areas and parks?
    • Where can I workout?
    • If I go on an exploratory trip, what should I do? Can I see some homes when I go?
    • What about HOA’s? What are they per month?
    • Am I better off renting first?
    • How much does a home cost to rent? 

If you have any of these questions, I got you covered. These are some of the concerns and questions I had when I moved here. And even though I could look online, it was hard to find the specific resources. And that’s how I can help you. First of all, I created a guide to San Antonio with the following:


    • general overview
    • the weather
    • education
    • golfing, trails and parks
    • day trips
    • neighborhoods and searches
    • zip code, MLS and school district maps
    • what to do downtown
    • dining out

The information in the guide is linked to other websites and downloads so that you can find out more about the specific subject you are interested in.  

Besides this guide, as a JB Goodwin San Antonio Realtor, I have acquired a library of brochures and booklets that I can send to you. Let’s talk so I can find out your specific needs and I’ll send you a welcome kit.

Living in San Antonio

If you’re already living in the wonderful city of San Antonio, please look at information on buying a home and selling your home. Visit The Home Buying Process - The San Antonio Way and Proven Home Selling Tips You’ll Thank Me on my website.   

My Top 10 About Me List

  1. Spanish was my first language.
  2. I love walking. Former kickboxer (at 9 Round) and skier.
  3. I am a very healthy eater. If I can’t pronounce something an ingredient, I won’t eat it if I can help it.
  4. I moved here to live closer to my family and because I loved living here before.
  5. I’m a native Texan. I grew up south of San Antonio on the border of Mexico and the United States in Laredo.
  6. I drove to Mexico by myself several times.
  7. Graduated from UT Austin with a BBA in Marketing - has marketing changed since then!
  8. I lived in Colorado for many years.
  9. For my old business I traveled, imported, wholesaled and retailed jewelry and I am NOT a jewelry person. 
  10. I have two four-year old inside-only black cats that are loving, adorable and very gentle. When I went to the humane society in Denver, the lady that was helping me put these two young guys on my lap. One wouldn’t stop purring. They had to come home with me.

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