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Bulverde, Texas – The Front Porch of the Texas Hill Country

About Bulverde, Texas

Just north of San Antonio on 281 and quite a bit outside 1604, you’ll find the city of Bulverde, Texas

bulverde texas tour and home info


According to Wikipedia, the population in the 2010 census of Bulverde was 4,630 and is part of the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA). It’s located in Comal County that is the second fastest growing county in the United States. Drive down the Interstate 35 corridor away from San Antonio or towards San Antonio and you’ll see the traffic influx. Or drive away from San Antonio on 281 – ditto! By the way, San Antonio is located in Bexar County.

Take a tour of Downtown Bulverde, Texas 

Bulverde, Texas just like other small cities in Texas has a charming downtown area. Want to see what the old west looked like? Just visit Downtown Bulverde and you’ll get an idea. You can almost imagine horses being tied up to the posts along the main street of downtown Bulverde. You’ll find quite a few stores in the downtown area and you can’t get lost.

Bulverde has a police department plus their own cute-as-can-be post office in blue, white and a red door. There is even a park where you can hang out, play basketball or get friends and family together to celebrate holidays or have a barbeque – just because you want to.

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The downtown Bulverde has a few restaurants, an Arts Center, Alamo City Pottery Workshop and a local neighborhood store. I did eat at Hatch 5 Restaurant and it was good. Verde Bistro has some great reviews. bulverde texas building

Bulverde, Texas Housing Info

Housing in Bulverde averages a bit higher than the average prices for San Antonio at $329,371 according to InfoStats for August 2020. This doesn’t include surrounding areas such as Spring Branch which is just north. San Antonio average sold price, as a comparison, is right at $300,000.

Bulverde, Texas Search for Homes

Interested in looking for homes in the Bulverde area? You can search for homes north of San Antonio including Bulverde on my website or just in Bulverde as well. 

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