What’s the Cost of Living in San Antonio?

Here’s the Low-down on the True Cost of Living in San Antonio

How much does it cost to live in San Antonio? Is it the right move for you? Although it’s a GREAT place to live, let’s examine some of the real costs of living in San Antonio. 

cost of living in san antonio

Cost of Living in San Antonio: Cost of Homes 

If you’re thinking of purchasing a home, how much does that actually cost in San Antonio and what does that buy? Purchasing a home will be one of the largest investments to compare for your cost of living in San Antonio. In July of 2020, our median price for a home was $255,000 while the average was $299,788. Of course there are a lot of variables, but here are a couple of examples that come close to these prices.

This first home is courtesy of Sharon Carter in my office and is located north of loop 410, in between I-H 10 and 281. It’s in an older established neighborhood and was built in 1983. It has 1,812 square feet and is listed at $257,000, so just over $2,000 above the median price. As of this writing it was already under contract.

It is a three bedroom, two bath, one-story home with an oversized detached garage/workshop and sits on a corner lot.  

3 bedroom 2 bath san antonio home average

Home listing provided by Sharon Carter of JB Goodwin.

You could purchase a brand one-story home (below) in the 55+ Del Webb community of Hill Country Retreat. This home is on the market for $299,289 (our average) and has 1,904 square feet. It has two bedrooms, two baths, an open flex room and is also a one-story home. You’ll also have access to the Del Webb community center that is fantastic! It’s located in the Far West Side in the Alamo Ranch area. Watch the video by clicking the image below. 

del webb 55+ community

Image and video provided by Del Webb sales counselor, Bruce Muhlberg.

The Gasoline Prices

I moved here from the Denver area, so again, that is what I am comparing. According to Gas Buddy, the price per gallon in the Denver area is about Colorado is about $2 a gallon. In San Antonio, it’s under $1.59. That’s a big difference. You can compare your area at Gas Buddy

Eating Out

cheap eats in san antonio


Here’s an article on eating cheap in San Antonio and I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a few of these restaurants. I just discovered a lot I want to visit. Here’s where to find a the reasonably priced eats: 50 Cheap Places to Eat. Please check each out before visiting and make sure they are opened. We have a LOT of affordable, local and delicious local restaurants.

World Population Review Cost of Living Index

According to World Population Review, Texas is ranked #18 in having the lowest cost of living compared to other states in 2020. Imagine what type of home you could purchase if you are moving from Hawaii, DC, California or New York? They have the highest cost of living.


this is the index by state

Eighteenth most affordable state: Texas.


cost of living texas

Texas cost of living indexes.

Cost of Living Calculators and Average Pay

According to Pay Scale, the average salary in San Antonio is $62,000 while the hourly average rate of pay is $16.82. So, let’s look at a few online cost of living calculators. Note that not all the information is up-to-date. So, checking a few is good. Of course, your salary will contribute to your cost of living in San Antonio compared to where you are coming from. 

Expatisan gives you examples of quite a few costs – like rent in a studio in an expensive area to furnished accommodation in a normal area. When I moved here, I couldn’t find a furnished place for $1,215, but I was looking for a short-term rental – which are more. Some of the other costs seem to be representative. At least, they’ll give you an idea.

NerdWallet has a pretty good calculator for housing costs. I checked moving from Denver to San Antonio. It was close to San Antonio for the home pricing but was low for Denver. They stated why the prices seemed low at the bottom of the picture.

nerdwallet cost of living in san antonio

You can check housing, transportation, food and entertainment costs on Nerd Wallet.

CNN Money also has a calculator, but it has a date of 2018 as one of the sources. So, it will just give you an idea. Again, you’ll need 20% less income if you are moving from Denver to San Antonio.

BestPlaces has similar results and you can also see the cost of groceries, transportation, health, etc. Please note that the cost of homes on their cost of living indexes was very low for both San Antonio and Denver – that’s what I used as my example. I plugged in the average salary on Pay Scale of $62,000 to get an estimate.  


Grocery Stores

grocery store heb in san antonio cost of living

Personally I can only compare grocery stores in Colorado to our local ones. You’ll love our Texas grown big grocery store, HEB. Heck, I used to shop there with my mom as a child – it’s been around forever. We also have Trader Joe’s (love it), Natural Grocer’s, Sprout’s, La Michoacana, Tim’s Oriental & Seafood Market (love it) and other independent grocery stores. I rarely shopped at the big grocery stores in Denver – the prices were exorbitant, but HEB is a treat. The prices are reasonable and their customer service is spot on.

cost of living grocery stores

HEB prices this week at our big grocery store, HEB.

Check out the Video on the Real Cost of Living in San Antonio

cost of living in san antonio video

The Real Story Behind San Antonio Property Taxes

the real story behind property taxes in cost of living san antonio

Are you moving from a state with state income tax? Texas brags about not having a state income tax and attracts a lot of people to move here. But here’s the truth. Because there is no state income tax, property taxes can be steep. Bexar County, which houses San Antonio has a property tax rate of 2.73%. This means that your taxes will be about $6,800 per year without any homestead exemptions for a median priced home of $255,000. If you file a homestead exemption, you’ll get a break on your taxes. And you may qualify for a Disabled Individual Exemption, Disable Veteran Exemption, an Agricultural and Over-65 Exemption. You can contact Bexar County Appraisal District to find more information on taxes and exemptions.

Other Expenses Based on My Experience

Yard Services – I pay $35 each time my grass gets cut. But my old service was $40. Keep in mind that I have a small yard and I know most services charge much more.

House Cleaning – I clean my own home, but when I hired house cleaning services, they charged $125. My home is not big. I had it made in Denver where I had a great local company and they were almost half the price. Move-in and move-out services will be substantially more.

Electricity – I have an energy-efficient, newer home and it’s well under 1,700 square feet. My highest summer electricity and gas bill is $135 in the summer and $80 in the winter. This summer, I actually just raised the temperature and I’m sure my bill will go down. I was always cold in my home and I am now comfortable.

Gyms – Best kept secret: if you live in Northwest San Antonio, there’s Move Fit Live that is under $40/month. But you can also go to Gold’s Gym or Lifetime Fitness – plus some other private gyms. I can’t quote what Lifetime Fitness was exactly, but I believe it was over $100 a month while Gold’s was about $50. But contact them to confirm. You can also find YMCA’s and they are $45 a month or $40 for over 62 years of age. Also check out the smaller gyms.

Should You Move? 

It’s best to compare your home prices to get the true cost of living in San Antonio. You can use one of the calculators I had above. Texas does not have a state income tax, but our property taxes may be higher than your area. Texas is #18 at World Population Review for the lowest cost of living. Affordable restaurants are plentiful. Plus our gasoline and groceries are well-priced. How does your area compare? 

What else do you need information on? Contact me and I’ll be glad to provide it.

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